The Owings Law Firm is a full-service law firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our firm has three main practice areas: consumer protection, family law, and personal injury.

Our consumer protection group works to protect consumers from unfair business practices by filing law suits on behalf of our clients to prevent companies from running roughshod over their rights. We have been actively involved in prosecuting class action cases against banks, credit card companies, drug manufacturers, insurance companies, and others that sell worthless or even dangerous products to average American citizens.

Our firm’s family law attorneys are among the most capable you will meet and will represent you passionately, diligently, and expeditiously to resolve disputes such as divorces, child custody, and domestic violence.

All of our attorneys work on our personal injury cases to make sure that every angle of every case receives the full benefit of our firm’s combined experience, attention to detail, and energy to achieve the greatest possible recovery for our clients.

Please click on one of the practice areas to the right to select the area of law you want to read about. Please visit the firm’s webpage at www.owingslawfirm.com for more information about the firm and to contact us.

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